Pancho’s Vista Café & Bar presents NEW menu

Panchos Backyard, Cozumel Menu, Cozumel Food

The three rules of real estate are location, location, and location however that a little different on the island of Cozumel. The three rules on the island are the view, the view, and the view! Pancho’s Vista Café & Bar has the location, the view, and a brand new menu to match.

Our Vista Café & Bar has great selection of desserts, sandwiches, and ice cold drinks.

The sandwiches are are flavorful and centered in Mexican cuisine.

  • La Hogaza – A flavorful sandwich with turkey ham, fresh, unsalted cheese, bean sprout, roasted red pepper and tomato, Dijon mustard and light mayonnaise.
  • La Torta – Baguette with cream cheese, fresh cheese, spinach, mushrooms, bacon and fresh tomato
  • El Campesino – Stuffed baguette with panela cheese, salami, tomato and lettuce
  • El Pepito – Mexican sesame baguette with charbroiled tenderloin or chicken breast, French fries
  • La Hamburguesa – Shrimp hamburger Mexican style with poblano pepper and French fries
  • La Ensalada – Roasted beet salad, lettuce, tomato, pumpkin seeds, grapefruit or oranges wedges and citrus vinaigrette.

These wonderful dishes along with the beautiful view create a great place for any meeting and make sure to see our entire menu.

Don’t get left out of the fun! Make your reservation before you come on your vacation!

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